Our approach to design is validated through expression, interpretation of classic timepieces of 1960’s and 1970’s. We have a passion to combine the simplicity and beauty of those timeless classics with the latest technological upgrades in watch manufacturing. Our dial design is simple, minimalist, still sophisticated, and artfully understated. Our four step process is graphic design, 3D solid work, prototyping, design validation and testing. in 2006 ZIXEN was the pioneer on Engineering, Design, Developing, real world dive testing and validation of the popular vintage design 200BAR/2000M professional grade dive watch cases, that set the standards and now many other companies have followed our foot steps, we are proud of that achievement.

We utilize classic principles of proportion, scale, color and longevity in every project. We always begin with an investigative stage allowing us to understand the two most important elements of the design, form and function, which creates a strong emphasis on utility and practicality. This reflects the overall values of our company while delivering top quality products.