Mechanical engineer, designer and Divemaster, Joe Sadri is the founder of ZIXEN Watch Company. As an avid technical diver and vintage dive watch enthusiast, Sadri was always intrigued by classic design watches that were functional, easy to read while conducting his dives. After spending 20 years in design and development of high quality component in two famous car companies, he decided to peruse his passion in creating his own line of vintage inspired dive watches.

He has blended many years of experience in quality and manufacturing with the art and science of watch making. Since 1998 he has been involved in developing and manufacturing very limited number of specialty timepieces. Following the success of his initial series of highly technical dive watches, inspired by specialty scuba diving breathing gases, the Nitrox, Trimix and Heliox, he was commissioned by fellow professional divers and dive watch collectors to produce the next series of specialty vintage design dive watches with the latest updated features.

ZIXEN is developing new series of vintage models, the DSR line (Deep Sea Research). Sadri is personally involved in all aspects of design, prototyping, development, production, deep dive testing and validation of his timepieces. His classically designed watches combine the highest in quality with the latest in manufacturing technique. ZIXEN watches are made in limited quantities therefore very desirable and collectible.